Boda Basket

Whether you are styling your bathroom, seeking a vessel for your favourite potted plant or storing your children's toys, this basket is sure to add a lovely earthy character to your home.

The beautiful rustic exterior fabric is a combination of naturally-dyed charcoal jute and natural jute. Lined with a soft handloomed natural cotton, the Boda Basket is suitable for the softest clothing and special treasures. The strong handcrafted macrame handles are both sturdy and statement-making.

Featuring a unique texture this basket has been crafted with care, using a combination of some very special techniques - natural dyeing, hand rolling jute (instead of spinning), hand weaving on back-strap looms, handwoven cotton lining, handcrafted macrame, and the final basket is sewn by women in a small production centre. A true work of art, the Boda Basket is hand made – from start to finish – by fair trade artisans in three different communities in Bangladesh.

  • Natural dyeing
  • Hand-rolled (instead of spinning) jute & hand woven jute on a back-strap loom
  • Hand woven natural cotton lining
  • Hand crafted jute macrame handles
  • The final basket is machine sewn in a fair trade production centre
  • 40cm round x 50cm tall

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