Captain Basket

Practical for bedrooms, bathrooms and laundries, the Captain Basket is an ideal catch-all to keep clothes, shoes and toys off the floor. Hang it on the back of a door or on the wall as a functional style statement. This basket is designed with handcrafted knotted jute string on the outside, reminiscent of a fishing net, and lined it with hand loomed natural cotton canvas. Attached to a strong bamboo ring, the Captain Basket features a macrame loop for hanging and a length of twisted jute to loop over the hook, balancing the weight and ensuring you can fill this beauty to the brim.

• Diameter 40cm

• Height 62cm

• Hanging loop 4-5cm diameter

• Flexible sides and handcrafting mean each basket may slightly differ in size

• Hand knotted jute string outer

• Hand loomed cotton canvas lining

• Macrame loop and twisted twine

• This robust basket has been designed to last however jute changes colour in the sun, so be sure to keep it clear of harsh rays.

• The lining is not stitched at the base so it can pulled out and hand-washed if required. Do not wash the jute twine as it may shrink or change colour.

• To clean, we suggest occasionally take it outside on a dry day and shake it to dislodge dirt and dust particles.

• Blot water-based spills with kitchen paper or an absorbent cloth as soon as possible. Do not rub stains or spills from your basket as this may spread the stain and loosen the jute fibres. For oil-based or coloured spills, please consult a specialist cleaning professional.

• You may choose a protection treatment prior to using your basket.

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